Contingency Recruitment & Mapping Services

CA Global Finance has extensive experience in contingency searches for hard-to-fill positions. We provide a comprehensive search from our international database, in conjunction with referrals from well-connected individuals in our network ensuring optimal results.

We also offer a competitive Mapping Service to Clients who are interested in knowing more about their competitors’ staff, hierarchies, projects and operations. This service will provide our Clients with an up-to-date report and will give them a competitive advantage in the Africa market.


Fees are charged as a percentage (%) of the candidate’s Annual Gross Salary. For expatriate assignments, this would include upliftment, expatriate allowances and guaranteed bonuses. For local assignments, our fees would be calculated on the Total Cost to Company.


Our service for this option would include the full recruitment process – from advertising to sourcing of candidates, shortlisting, interview arrangements, qualification and reference checks and offer negotiations.


Our most popular service, Contingency recruitment, allows you as the client to view and asses our candidates at no upfront cost.

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