Private Equity Jobs in Africa


The Private Equity market across Africa has not only experienced exponential growth over the last two decades but has also reached a certain level of maturity and there are a number of key Private Equity players that are now well – established and fully entrenched in Africa. With Africa being a crucial emerging market, many Private equity funds have flocked to take advantage of the exciting new investment opportunities across the continent.

Over the last two decades, total funds raised to invest in Africa, have increased from US$1 billion in 2000 to more than $US25 billion, cumulatively in 2019. In recent years, Private Equity deals closed between 2013 – 2018 have amounted to over 1000 reported deals. Private Equity investments within the Fintech space has seen a sharp incline in the recent years and has been found to be a fan favourite, given the Fintech boom that has engulfed the African continent – Fintech also being a key industry that we have a specialist focus in.

With this evolution of the African Private Equity industry over the last 20 years, the need for experienced Private Equity & Venture Capital professionals has arisen and our extensive network of Private Equity, Venture Capital & Investment Management industry professionals makes us well – placed to assist both Private Equity funds themselves, as well as their Investee Portfolio companies.

We have strong experience covering Southern, Eastern, Western, Central & Northern Africa with a proven track record of working and placing key Private Equity investment professionals across the Continent. We have been instrumental in setting up investment teams for Africa – focused Private Equity funds and have exposure to working & filling roles, including but not limited to;

  • Investment Analyst
  • Investment Associate
  • Investment Manager
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Board level assignments
  • Operational hires (i.e. Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Legal, Compliance, etc.)


Our capability extends to sourcing for Scarce skills, Private Equity local & diaspora candidates as well roles with specific regional focuses, i.e.) Francophone, Lusophone & Anglophone.

We have exposure to both Venture capitalist funds & LBOs, and we have multi – sector experience working with portfolio companies that fall into sectors, such as; Energy, Infrastructure, Technology & Fintech, FMCG, Impact financing, Banking & Finance, Commodities, etc.

We would be eager to engage with yourself & your company and would be well – placed to assist with any and all Private Equity recruitment needs!