Fintech Jobs in Africa


Since the emergence of Fintech in the 21st century the financial services industry has become increasingly innovative, thus the future of finance, is Fintech. Fintech has been growing for several years within the US & Asia markets and is now making significant inroads within Africa. Countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa & Egypt are viewed as the Top Tech Hubs within Africa.

Due to the rapid increase of Fintech within Africa there has been a high demand for skilled individuals who are an integral part of taking the Fintech industry in Africa to the next level. CA Global Finance is passionate about supporting this new growth in Africa and assists clients with simplifying the process by way of using our extensive networks and headhunting techniques to find the best candidate for your needs.

At CA Global Finance we interact daily with local Africans in their home countries, as well as diaspora & expatriate candidates, all who have proven track records in Africa. As such we are well connected to present any C-Level Executives, Senior Managers and specialists for all your needs throughout Africa.