Insurance Jobs in Africa


It has been forecasted that by the year 2040, Africa will have the largest working population worldwide, which provides an attractive consumer base for expanding companies to tap into.

Presently, the insurance market in Africa is recognised as vastly underpenetrated with a huge need for micro-insurance (low-income products). With Africa currently being viewed as the second fastest growing region for the insurance industry internationally, CA Global Finance has invested many years into honing its expertise of the industry to ensure that we are perfectly positioned to assist all companies within this space.

We’ve gained a specialist knowledge of the Insurance (Short and Long Term) sector and its key players in Africa and can advance our clients’ business operations further than they have ever imagined.

Like many other industries in Africa, the insurance and healthcare industry are faced with a shortage of management and specialised skills and CA Global Finance has built up a reputation of providing clients with the top talent within the sector.

CA Global Finance is well networked and well equipped to present C-Level executives, senior managers and specialist skills across Africa, interacting daily with local Africans in their home countries, as well as diaspora & expatriate candidates, all who have proven track records in Africa.